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about kevin:

Kevin Boychuk is a hardworking, dedicated local business owner, husband, father of three and proud citizen in the City of Saskatoon who cares deeply about the well-being and betterment of his community.  Kevin attended the University of Saskatchewan and has been a resident of Ward 1 for 35 years. He has been involved in many facets of Ward 1 throughout those years, including coaching hockey, volleyball, soccer and baseball.  Kevin is firm believer in providing appropriate allocations to core neighbourhoods to maintain and revitalize them at a community level.

"It's time we move away from this user pay mentality at City Hall, as tax payers we already pay!  We need to put back value and accountability into City Hall for YOU the rate payer.  If you elect me as your City Councilor on November 9th, I will have a dedicated phone line and email address that I can be reached at any time of day.  I will answer or return calls immediately and will be happy to talk directly to the people I work for in Ward 1.  I'm looking to earn your support on Nov. 9, 2020 in Ward 1."




Addressing the basic tenets of life in Saskatoon


  • Vote to rescind the previously approved $67.5M in city borrowing for the new downtown library. Cleanup the vagrancy and unsafe conditions at the existing library and utilize more effective security. 

  • Relocate Lighthouse

  • Support lowering or freezing taxes 

  • Improve accessibility for seniors

  • More activities for seniors delivered through local community associations

  • Quarterly meetings with senior homes on current community issues

  • Revitalization of all business districts in Ward 1

  • Revitalization of outdoor play areas for youths and adults alike

  • More resources for police to conduct criminal investigations

  • Extended merge lanes on primary roads within the City of Saskatoon

  • Back alley easement maintenance, remove refuse and rogue trees/branches

  • Better placement of stationary speed cameras to help avoid injuries or fatalities 

  • Modeling changes to enhance and improve snow removal in residential and business districts

  • Work collaboratively with both the provincial and municipal governments to ensure maximum diversion of reusable waste from landfills

  • Establishing programs to effectively recycle reusable waste products

  • Improved bylaw enforcement measures

  • Enhanced street sweeping measures in the fall and spring

  • Improved line painting frequency and type of material being used to enhance visibility

  • More temporary and permanent access to washroom facilities in our public parks and sports fields 

  • Enhanced viewing areas for already established City of Saskatoon recreational indoor facilities

Community Contributions


and volunteer work:


Kevin has a distinct advantage over the other candidates:  as an active member of Ward 1 for the last 35 years, attending community association meetings, public forums and getting involved with the issues. He has an understanding of how things function in a municipal setting.  He has a proven history of involvement and successful resolution for the community. Kevin has taken on leadership roles to represent the people in his neighbourhood to provide direction on policies and programs that have enhanced the quality of service and life for the residence he represents in Saskatoon.


  • Served as rink coordinator for Sutherland/Forest Grove community association on and off for the last 35 years

  • Helped save 3 rinks in Sutherland/Forest Grove community from demolition and help revitalize them for continued future use

  • Saved the Sutherland paddling pool from demolition by suggesting to make modest improvements to preserve a much needed family retreat for summer gatherings

  • Convinced the City of Saskatoon and the developer of Rutherford Area to include a community park. This park is now known as Kopko Park

  • Aided in providing suggestions to bring CP railway's switching gear to the east side of their yard, away from central avenue crossing, freeing up traffic flow and increasing safety

  • Suggested discontinuing asphalt over lays on sidewalks in core neighbourhoods, and instead, creating a yearly maintenance budget and only removing damage concrete to replace with new concrete

  • One of the original founders of the S.C.V.A.  (Saskatoon Co-ed Volleyball Association) 

Transportation to and from polling stations

Polling Informtion
  • If you require a ride to any polling station within Ward 1, please call Kevin Boychuk at 306-717-2232 or email in advance to and he will personally pick you up or have someone pick you up and drop you back off at your house.



 The 2020 Civic Election will be held on November 9th, 2020


Each eligible elector can vote once for Mayor and once for their Ward Councillor. The same ballot is used for both.

We encourage you to consider now which voting method you'll use and make a plan based on how you feel most comfortable voting. 


There are three main ways to vote:

  1. By Mail-in Ballot. Request your mail-in ballot online by October 30th, or in person by November 8th. Find out how here:

  2. Vote in any Advance Poll between October 30th and November 5th. Locations and dates and times of advanced polls can be found here:

  3. On election day, November 9th, you can vote between 8 am and 8 pm at the poll station in your neighbourhood. Ward 1 polling stations can be found here:

    Please note: If voting on election day, you must vote at the polling station for your neighbourhood. During advance polls, you can vote at any polling station.


Polling Stations within Ward 1:

101. École Forest Grove School   501 115th St. East

102. Sutherland School                  211 111th St. West

103. École St. Paul                         1527 Alexandra Ave.

104. First Mennonite Church         418 Queen St.

105. Carpenter's Church               1339 Ave. D North

106. École Henry Kelsey                16 Valens Dr.


Find your Ward:

Ward 1 boundaries have not changed for the 2020 Election, but some ward boundaries have - to find out which ward you live in, enter your address here:

Voting Requirements:

All voters must show ID to vote to provide proof of identity and to establish residency. Government-issued photo ID is simplest. However, if you do not have one, there are alternatives listed here:


Voting Eligibility:

You may vote once in the civic election if:

  1. are a Canadian citizen

  2. are at least 18 years old

  3. have resided in the Province of Saskatchewan for at least six consecutive months immediately preceding Election Day and

    1. have resided in the City of Saskatoon, or on land now in the city, for at least three consecutive months immediately preceding Election Day OR

    2. are the owner of assessable land in the City of Saskatoon, or on land now situated in the city, for at least three consecutive months immediately preceding Election Day




Please give us a hand so we can start making a difference!



How to donate by cheque

Cheques payable to Kevin Boychuk Campaign

Mail to:

Kevin Boychuk Campaign

310 Gladstone Crescent

Saskatoon, Sk S7P 0C7



Please note that the campaign is required to include the names and contribution amounts of donors contributing a total of $100 or more on the public financial report submitted after the election. 

How to donate by E-transfer

E-Transfers can be sent to


Please include your mailing address in the memo field of the E-transfer. The campaign is required to collect this information for all donors.





Please note that the campaign is required to include the names and contribution amounts of donors contributing a total of $100 or more on the public financial report submitted after the election.

Home: Contact


Kevin Boychuk is committed to listening and addressing your concerns. Questions or comments? He’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

Thanks for submitting!

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